Meet our superstars.

Producers carry on their shoulders most of the work that brings food to our plates. Unfortunately, they also carry the burden of food losses and food waste that come imposed from beauty standards and market practices.
We love working directly with farmers and bringing new revenue streams for them on products that were intended to become waste. From their farms to your doorstep. Meet some of them!

Blueberry farmer
Alentejo, Portugal

On his late 50s, Jorge decided to leave his career as an accountant behind and embark on this journey purchasing an organic certified blueberries farm in Aldeas do Pico. On his first year of production in 2020, with an output of c. 220 tonnes - the max output ever experienced on this farm - challenges were numerous and The Equal Food Co. helped him selling the amounts that he could not place with his normal buyers.

Maria José
Raspberry farmer
Alentejo, Portugal

Maria Jose has been more than 15 years producing red fruits in Alentejo, where she is based with her husband and two daughters. She runs a 10 hc farm where she employs 15 people and produces 90 tn of raspberries and strawberries throughout the year. She uses a model of rotation to ensure that different parts of her land are productive across several months and by doing so, her harvest lasts from March until November.