Let’s save food, fight waste, and celebrate imperfections.

1/3 of all food produced goes to waste. More than 70% of that happens before consumers get their hands on it. If food waste was a planet, its CO2 emissions would be the the third largest country in the world after China and the US.
We can change this.

At The Equal Food Co. we strive to make all food count, minimizing waste and generating value. We work with producers and businesses to redirect produce destined for waste to new markets.

We started this project to make a contribution to a more sustainable world. The absurd amounts of food going to waste in the EU, 45% to be precise, is largely due to the industry imposed beauty standards. We want to change that.

We give the imperfect and misfit a chance to end up on your plate.

No matter how crooked or shriveled, we make all food count.



Your decision to act helps us destigmatize imperfect food and take a more holistic approach to shape the food supply chain of tomorrow.